Taxi Pick-up:

There are 2 taxi pick-up areas at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, including:

Pick-up Area T3: located outside Gate 14 on the Arrival of Terminal 3;

Pick-up Area T4: located on the connecting corridor between Terminal 4 and the Traffic Center-F1 .


1.Please actively enter the waiting channel to queue for the vehicle. Under the guidance of the staff, proceed to the designated boarding location.

2.If you encounter any issues such as refusing to transport, picking and choosing passengers, overloading, etc., please report  to the staff as soon as possible, and cooperate with them to collect evidence. After the evidence collection is completed, the staff will rearrange the vehicle for departure.

3.This station has a mechanism for supplementary passengers for short-distance trips (within 15 kilometers). If the driver has confirmed the trip distance requirements, please cooperate with the short-distance supplementary passenger staff to inform them. Please do not cooperate with the driver to falsely report the destination to jointly maintain the taxi operation order.

4.If the long-distance (outside the legal taxi operation area) negotiation fails, please inform the staff in a timely manner, and they will rearrange the vehicle for departure.

5.Illegal operation complaint hotline of the Traffic Law Enforcement Team: 0571-85463212

Notes for passengers:
  • Take care of your carry-on luggage

  • Pay by the number on the meter, no bargaining

  • Protect your legitimate rights and interests and refuse car sharing

  • In the case of denial of passenger by a taxi driver halfway, the passenger reserves the right to refuse to pay

  • Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited, passengers have the right to refuse to pay if a taxi driver smokes while driving

  • Ask for an invoice

  • Keep the car clean and hygienic, and don’t dirty the car