Ride-hailing Pick-up point:

There are two dedicated pick-up areas for online ride-hailing vehicles at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, located in the 3rd and 4th elevator halls on the B2 level of the Transportation Center.

Passengers at Terminal 3 can exit from Gate 14 on the Arrival Level and follow the signs to descend to the B2 level via the C2 transportation core.

Passengers at Terminal 4 can descend to the B2 level from the 2F level of the Transportation Center using the escalators or vertical elevators following the signs.


The pick-up area for online ride-hailing vehicles is equipped with a passenger rest area, which provides facilities such as rest tables and chairs, vending machines, drinking water, and smart screens displaying information on the arrival of online ride-hailing vehicles for passengers to use.

If you encounter situations such as drivers of online ride-hailing vehicles refusing to transport passengers or picking and choosing passengers, please report it to the staff as soon as possible, and cooperate with them to collect evidence.

Illegal operation complaint hotline of the Traffic Law Enforcement Team: 0571-85463212